How You Can Help With The White County Biography Project

My Methods:

I hate to type and I'm not very good at it. So I have been using a scanner to capture biographies from the county histories. I am starting with Beatty, "Counties of White and Pulaski" (1883), and when finished, I will move onto Hamelle, "Standard History of White County" (1915). It moves pretty fast. I expect to be done with Beatty by the end of 1998 which has about 500 biographies. Hamelle has about three times that number.

There are problems with scanning, however. It is often difficult to get a good image of the text next to spine because it is difficult to lay the book flat on the scanner surface. To get a good image, one needs first to make a copy on a copy machine designed to handle books (most libraries have one) and then to scan the copy. I could use some help here.

Help Needed:

1. If you have access to a copy machine designed to copy books, would you make copies of the biographies in Hamell?

2. If you have already typed in biographies from any of the White County histories, please send them to me.

3. If you have written up personal and unpublished biographies for your ancestors who lived in White County, send them to me.

4. Do you have a copy of (or access to) "Biographical History of Tippecanoe. White, Jasper. Newton, Benton. Warren, and Pulaski Counties", Lewis Publishing Co., Chicago, 1899. If so, can you make copies of the White County biographies therin and send them to me?

5. I need help in editing biographies that I have already posted at the White County Bio Project web site. Would you be willing to review a few (or many) of these biographies for typos and other mistakes and to correct them. To do this, you need a personal computer (if you are reading this you already have one), a web browser (ditto), a word processing program (Word, Word Perfect, etc), and some time on your hands.

6. Any other help and encouragement that I have not already thought of will be greatly appreciated.

Contact me if you can help.