Jonathan Paul's Mooney Page

Here is a collection of writings and pictures that relate to my experience and love for flying, particularly in Mooneys.

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I have owned three Mooney Aircraft

9208M 1966 M20E "Mike"

2/85-3/92 and 11/96-Present

4452H 1978 M20J


231ML 1980 M20K


   Jonathan's Flying Page

Why I Love My Mooney
  How Not to Sell Your Mooney 
(April 1993 MAPA Log)

Alaska Diary


Belize Honeymoon

Exploring The Envelope:


 Forced Down In Texas 
(or how I met Tommy Carter)

A New Panel for An Older Mooney
(MAPA Log Article)

The First Mooney Caravan to Oshkosh, 1998 
(MAPA Log Article)