There's a story to tell 
about the most remarkable of women
nay of persons of any sex.
She makes a lasting impact
on all who know her 

As I moved out west
They kept telling me
Go check up on Marge
she lives somewhere near you

So I checked the phone book
and sure enough, she's there,
but when I call Lower Trail, 
they are sojourning in Richmond

A year or two passes by,
we finally connect.
"Come by for a visit
we're busy but can spare
a few moments for a chat"

At eleven pm 
wined and dined with pizazz
I've met the whole family,
Bill, Hazel, and Maggie. 

Margery May, 
the most obscure of relative
step grandmother this 
and thrice removed that
but to us she is "auntie"

But more than that 
we are bonded by strengths
that far exceed mere blood
she is to us related by love

Let me describe her, 
it won't take a minute... 
Tall and dramatic,
a beauty now (what a number she was at twenty)

Hair thick as straw
eyes that sparkle in jest
a ready smile, teeth that blind
a pert pout, Wow!  
Good work, Frank, sign me up!
She has a figure that impresses 
the gals at tennis 
and can beat all
challengers except when the achilles
malfunctions, in which case she'll
beat you on crutches.

Marge has the knack of making
any tract house a palace
worthy of display 
in Architectural Digest

A cook without parallel, 
even including my wife, mother, and sister
all of whom could prepare
for the French Chef with four stars.

Life isn't always easy,
Marge will confirm 
but the test is to come out on top
in spite of adversity.

How much can she give?
We've never seen the end,
ask any poor person in Big Sur
or the lonely child on Hilby

Marge has administered the cure
and care and help to
many less fortunate, who must
remember her years after.

"Who was that masked man" they ask,
as she disappeared into the
sunset in her SL-190, 
they won't forget either.

A person without fault.
It's not possible, you say.
But Marge is as close to perfection
as anyone since Jesus, Amen

And it just isn't us.
They all love you, every friend, 
distant relative, patient, and husband
What a gift you are to all of us.

But you may think, 
what are they up to.
What do they want? 
to say all those nice things.

Yes, its true
We have an ulterior motive.
We have a favor to ask,
a small favor for someone like you 

We ask your solemn pledge
that when we are old and grey, 
at least past eighty seven
and too feeble to do it 
or to care one way or the other.
and when we can't button up 
or work the commode......

Will you come and take care of us.