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This is a mirror site to the Main Chenoweth site. It uses the same database but the presentation is done in GED2HTML for those of you who prefer this format. The source database for the two sites is the same. There are some 110,000 names in the database and over 14,400 surnames. The file at this site has 119,684 names. It includes parents of spouses where known and a few connecting links on the spousal side. It does not include names from our unknown Chenoweth file. By using the GED2HTML format this site not only presents the data in a distinctly different view but has the advantage of denoting ancestors of spouses where known in the database and such additional information as full dates and places of birth, marriages and deaths where known in the database. Dates for living individuals have been excluded. Since the source database is maintained at the Chenoweth Main site any changes or corrections should be directed to that site in care of Jon Egge

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Though the same database is presented here the format is different. The main site presents a descendants outline rather than individual family group trees used here. Both views have their own advantages and disadvantages. The main site contains additional background information regarding the Chenoweth family in general as well as a sign in forum for Chenoweth descendants who wish to participate. The main site menu will link you to all available pages. You would do well to visit both presentations. Information presented here is not without errors. Moreover the data is in a constant state of revision. Information on disputes and controversies can be viewed at the background page at the main site.

The Family of John Chenoweth and Mary Calvert

  1   John Chenoweth b: Abt. 1682 in CORNWALL  d: Abt. May 1746 in Frederick Co., VA      
    +Mary Calvert b: December 19, 1687 in Pennsylvania? m: Bet. 1702 - 1705 d: Bef. 1737 in Maryland   Father: John Calvert Mother: Judith Stamper  
  2   John Chenoweth b: 1706 in Pennsylvania or New Jersey  d: March 05, 1771 in Frederick Co., VA      
       +Mary Smith b: Bet. 1701 - 1713 in Baltimore Co., MD m: November 26, 1730 in St. John's Parish, Baltimore Co., MD d: Aft. 1773      
  2   Mary Chenoweth b: 1708 in Pennsylvania or New Jersey  d: Aft. 1746      
       +John Watson b: Bef. 1703 m: May 24, 1733 in St. John's Parish, Baltimore Co., MD d: Abt. 1740 in Baltimore, MD      
  2   Richard Chenoweth b: 1710 in Pennsylvania or New Jersey  d: December 12, 1781 in Baltimore Co., MD      
       +Kezia ? b: Bet. 1705 - 1717 m: Bet. 1742 - 1743 in Baltimore Co., MD d: Unknown      
  2   Hannah Chenoweth b: 1713 in Pennsylvania or New Jersey  d: 1764 in near Winchester, Frederick Co., VA      Burial: Frederick Co., VA
       +James Carter, Jr. b: 1710 in Southampton Twp., Bucks Co., PA m: Abt. 1739 in Baltimore Co., MD d: November 18, 1758 in near Winchester Frederick Co., VA   Father: James Carter Mother: Susannah Griffith  Burial: Winchester, Frederick Co., VA
  2   Arthur Chenoweth b: August 15, 1716 in Pennsylvania or New Jersey  d: March 14, 1802 in Baltimore Co., MD  Military: French and Indian    
       +Saphira Hooker b: Abt. 1720 in Baltimore Co., MD m: Abt. 1738 d: May 16, 1800 in Baltimore Co., MD Comment: also Sophia  Father: Samuel Hooker Mother: Sarah ?  
  2   William Chenoweth b: 1718 in Pennsylvania or New Jersey  d: Bef. December 20, 1785 in Berkeley Co., VA (now WV)      
       +Anne Polk? b: 1722 in Baltimore Co., MD m: February 12, 1742/43 in Virginia d: Unknown      
  2   Thomas Chenoweth b: 1720 in Pennsylvania or New Jersey  d: 1787 in Washington Co., MD      
       +Mary Prickett b: 1723 in Burlington Co., NJ m: November 11, 1742 in Baltimore Co., MD d: Unknown Comment: also Picket  Father: John Prickett Mother: Martha ?  
  2   Ruth Chenoweth b: 1722 in Pennsylvania or New Jersey  d: Abt. 1760      
       +John Peteet b: 1721 in Virginia m: Bef. 1743 d: 1788 in Caswell Co., NC Comment: Harris, Will of John gives Petit, Buckely also gives Peteate  Father: John Richard Pettit Mother: Elizabeth Craswell  
  *2nd Wife of John Chenoweth:         
    +Jane (Wood) ? b: Bet. 1690 - 1710 m: December 16, 1736 in St. Paul's Parish, Baltimore Co., MD d: Unknown Comment: Widow of William Wood     

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